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News and Perspective by; R. B. Newberry, Jr, American patriot



It is refreshing, when a political leader makes sense, recently Senator Ted Cruz, did just that, when he spoke from the floor of the United States Senate.

It came when he challenged the president’s decision to arm Syrian rebels. Recently a video surfaced, showing a rebel commander, cutting the heart and liver out of a young Syrian fighter he had just killed, and taking a bite out of it. These rebels, called freedom fighters, are connected to Al Querida and will most certainly impose the harshest interpretation of the Quran on the people of Syria. That is, if they are successful in the fight to unseat Syria’s President, Bashar AL-Assad and gain control of the government. Given the circumstances, and our knowledge of the two groups involved in this civil war, why  our government would want to back either side defies understanding? It makes it appear that the inmates are running the asylum, except for rare moments when they make sense.


Cruz To Obama: Don’t Arm People Who Hate Us

June 20, 2013 by Sam Rolley


Veering away from the Senate’s fickle debate over immigration Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the legislative chamber to blast President Barack Obama for the White House’s decision to intervene in Syria.


Imploring the President to avoid foreign policy measures that would put weapons in the hands of terrorist enemies of the United States, Cruz noted that the Free Syrian Army contains fighters with loyalty to al-Qaida. He also discussed reports of rebels in the country kidnapping, raping, desecrating churches and beheading people who defy al-Qaida principles.


“These forces are engaged with a deadly struggle with the Assad regime and President Obama has chosen this moment to signal that it is now suddenly in our vital security interests to intervene in Syria,” Cruz said. “It seems far more likely a recipe for disaster.”


Cruz had a simple suggestion for the President.


“Let me suggest a simple rule,” Cruz said. “Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us.”


Noting that the decision was likely motivated by public opinion, Cruz also took the President to task for making the announcement of the decision to arm rebels through an Administration spokesman.


Pew recently found that 70 percent of Americans disagree with the White House’s decision to arm rebels.


“In a case where his policy is so at odds with the will of the people, it’s beholden on the President to make his case and persuade us that this proposed intervention is necessary,” Cruz said.



It is criminal, what the Syrians are doing to each other, while innocent people are suffering in the midst of this civil war.

Yet one cannot in good consciousness, argue that the people of Syria will be better off, regardless of who wins this fight. So why not step back and rethink our decision to enter this fray, likely tipping the balance of power in favor of the rebel fighters. Either way this conflict ends, the people of Syria are going to be the losers, this is the bottom line.


I would like to see our government stop the insanity, of involving Americans in these civil conflicts.

Whether as advisers and trainers, or providing arms and munitions to one side or the other or sending in troops, to intervene in these civil conflicts.  You might take issue with my argument, however I would ask you to point out for me, just one example of where we have improved the lives of people in the last 50 years? Consider Korea, it is now divided into North and South Korea, this is after we suffered 128,650 dead and wounded. Viet Nam ended the same way, with the country divided, after we suffered 211, 454 casualties, including the dead and wounded. Now, after the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War, we have accumulated 60,000 dead and wounded, and we should be asking; FOR WHAT? These countries are right back in the hands of the same people. They are controlled by the same political ideologues and religious beliefs, that they have been controlled by for centuries.


What has changed, after all the sacrifice and American involvement in these wars?

What has changed is, 400,000 Americans have either lost their life, or their lives have been radically altered. 400,000 American families are living with the affects of these wars, and will be for the rest of their lives. Young widowed wives, will have to find a way to move on without a husband, a father, and a provider, for their children. In some cases, young husbands have been asked to adjust to the loss of their wives, who died serving in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Children have grown up, and  continue to grow up, without a father and in some cases, a mother, this is a life altering experience for children. This has been going  on for years, and it is going on, so while other families will be pic-nicking on the 4th of July, these families will be mourning the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the greater burden, American families are asked to bear, is the burden of caring for a military vet whose life was drastically altered on the battle-field, while  serving their country.


As we approach the 4th of July, a time when the country rolls out the flags, and lights up the barbeque, perhaps it would be a good time to pause and reflect on the sacrifice of those who have given so much.

I am just one American, but let me say, from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU, AND GOD BLESS YOU! I would also like to add my voice to that of many other Americans who are calling for a new chapter to be written in American diplomacy. It is time to write a new set of guide-lines, rules of engagement for American troops being sent abroad. It is senseless for us to sacrifice American lives, and ruin the lies of countless others, by getting involved in wars that cannot be won on the battle-field. It is time for our leaders to understand that ideological wars can not be fought and won with bullets and bombs alone. They must also be fought and won in the classrooms, in the marketplace of ideas, where they are debated and argued being challenged by other ideas. As a militarily superior nation, we can impose our will upon people, with opposing ideas, yet in time, they will revert to their comfort zone, the political and religious ideologies they have held for generations. People must chose the path of freedom and peace, on their own. So  long as they follow the dictates of an ideology that demands ritual killings, persecution of women and children, and calls for them to offer themselves as suicide bombers,  their future will always be marked by uncertainty, hostility and military conflict.


On July 4th, 2013 as we sing; “God Bless America”, let us remember the Puritan Believers who persevered in their faith, as they sought a country where they could worship God freely.

Let us remember that during that first harsh winter, after landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, half of this small band of pilgrims died from exposure and sickness. The following spring in 1621, they were offered an opportunity to return to England, but they refused the gracious offer, made by the ship’s captain. Instead, true to their nature, and as a testament to their character, as well as their strong faith, they remained in America, and established homes in their adopted country. The American experiment is one for which every American should be proud. It wasn’t easy, leaving behind everything, to enter this harsh and unknown environment. Yet, their willingness to sacrifice paid off, today we enjoy the greatest degree of freedom that exist anywhere in the world. Thank God for this little band of Christian believers, and their commitment to persevere, until they found the place, (the New Found Land) where they could exercise their God given right, to worship freely.

On July 4th, 2013 we celebrate the 237th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I encourage all American’s, in Independence Day,  to renounce the president’s commitment to “Fundamentally Transform America”. Those who fundamentally transformed America were the little band of Christian believers, called pilgrims,just one hundred and twenty in all, who landed at Plymouth Massachusetts, in 1620.   I believe America was fundamentally transformed on July 4th, 1776, when 56 Americans added their signatures to the Declaration of Independence. America was fundamentally transformed when the United States Constitution was formally signed by40 men, 23 of them veterans of the Revolutionary war, on September 17, 1787. No further fundamental transformation is necessary, what is needed is a public commitment by the president of the United States, who upon entering the office of the President, publicly  swore to uphold the United States Constitution. He simply needs  to reaffirm his commitment to honor his oath of office.


The time has come to stop arming our enemies and alienating our friends, by trying to be “Politically Correct”.

Political correctness is getting Americans killed. It is time we speak the truth, stand by our friends, and defend our sovereignty, protecting American lives where ever they may be around the world. It’s time to stop asking American tax-payers to foot the bill for billions of dollars in Federal Aid, that is being given to people who hate us and are killing Americans. It’s time for Washington to get it’s act together and recognize that if you are an elected official, you were sent to Washington, to do the people’s business. We are not happy with talk of arming Syrian rebels, who are cutting the heart out of their dead enemy combatants, and taking a bite out of it.  While at the same time you are discussing disarming American citizens, the very people you are asking, no you’re demanding that we pay the bill.

Enough is enough……we’ve had it, the time has come for change……..”Real Change”, not the social b.s. that Barrack Obama promised.

Change according to Barrack Obama’s play-book; is wealth redistribution, national debt accumulation, unbalanced budgets, arming our enemies, high unemployment, blame America first, apologize for who we are, disrespect our flag and trash our Constitution. In recent months we’ve learned that the Obama Administration has been spying on private citizens, using the I.R.S. to punish members of the Tea-Party, along with other Religious groups. We’ve also learned that Eric Holder’s, Department of Justice has conducted investigations involving reporters at the Associated Press as well as James Rosen at Fox News. Sorry folks, I’m done with this president, he’s been a big disappointment.  Although I didn’t vote for him, I wished him well when he was elected. I hoped, even prayed that he would distinguish himself as the first black president of the United States and become a great president. It didn’t happen, and now I’m finished, our country deserves better. I will do all I can to insure that we never make this mistake again, I will not remain silent any longer.  We elected a socialist, a man with a past, that should have disqualified him to be the president. He concealed his birth-certificate along with his college transcript. We learned to late that he was brought up by parents who were communist, and that his maternal grand-parents, who helped to raise him, were also communist. His mentor, and close friend, Frank Marshall Davis was a communist, and his ideological hero, Saul Alinsky, who wrote “Rules For Radicals”, was a revolutionary thinker. He chose to announce his bid for the White House, from the living room of his close friend and associate, the unrepentant American terrorist, William “Bill” Ayers.   Barrack Obama would sit for twenty years in the Chicago church of his friend and pastor, the Reverend Wright. He listened week after week as the Reverend Wright railed against America and damned the country that Barrack Obama aspired to become the president of. One has to ask; “Why did Barrack Obama want to be the president of the United States?” The answer is obvious, given his background, and the choices he willingly made, he had an agenda he wanted to implement. Well……we now understand his agenda, and America has rejected it.  The time has come to reject the democratic party which has been co-opted by the Communist Party U.S.A. The Democratic Party in this country has become the Socialist Democratic Party, and we need to call it what it is. Pretending, will not fix the problem, nor will it repair the damage that has been done by the social-crats in Washington who are arming our enemies while working to disarm Americans.


In 2014, we will start to correct the error we made.




  • Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to make a really good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

    • Well thank you for your honesty, confession is good for the soul. Now that you know you tend to procrastinate, you can deal with it. Wish you lots of success with your life endeavors.

      R. G. Newberry, Jr.
      American Patriot

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